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© 2010 - 2018 Anna Utopia Giordano


Utopia works with image and communication: she is an italian creative, writer, poet, performer, actress. She is envolved in the project Thanateros, in collaboration with Luca Catellani and Andrea Ropes, for which she composed some Rhapsodies (hermetic and cryptic poems characterized by the use of a technical scientific and philosophical language). The Rhapsodies are part of her poetry since 2004 and have been published on anthologies, magazines, e-zine and cultural blogs (like Atti Impuri, Mirkal, Catrame, Undu Palermo, Elllin Selae, Ctonia). In 2011 she published the poetry collection "WYSIWIG" (What You See Is What I Got) and in 2012 the e-book "Fotogrammi - Ideas Depiction" (Ed. Siska) in collaboration with Enrico Santus Aversano. In 2010-12, she conceives the projects "My Social Generation", "Venus" and "PopBottles" that have been published on major newspapers worldwide and on hundreds of websites and blogs. She conceives the project "Land in Eden" in support and in collaboration with Edenlandia (Naples), which involves an excellent professional team from Campania. She is the mentor of Naked Truths Project (2013) conceived by the american choreographer Bianca S. Mendoza. Utopia released her new project #BornToBeVirtual in october 2013. Numerous are the performances related to literaly experimentation and rhapsodomancy during concerts, exhibitions and cultural events. In 2018 she conceived and promoted a project in the Cimitero delle Fontanelle (Naples). Utopia also starred in short films, infomercial aired on Rai and Mediaset, music (Giuseppe Fiori, Hell in the Club, Lory Muratti) and educational videos. Posing as a model she often personally takes care of makeup, hair styling, concept and production design. She is the creative-director and founder of the e-zine Glimpse.



jinn sussurra alleli simmetrici,
lecca funzioni suriettive,
inghiotte recettori dactilitici,
e invoca ambliopia,
tenaglie e pulsioni ottiche
sciolte in assegni inflessi:
ciò di cui gli uomini si nutrono.
Iblis sussurra il mio nome,
sorrido, si brucia.

azygos s'incendia,
diruggina idrope particolato
gonadi iperplasiche
imitano vuoti irritati
e sorgenti intenzionali
dilatano pilei, eritrociti,
incudini, elepoli, archi riflessi.
Piove la sera,

spirilli apotropaici e
vesciche aptere contuse in
timbri eupneutici
sostengono le mie mani,
gli ommatidi di Aion,
le fimbrie di Svrt e
filtrano una neanide d'eggregora:
la gemma biomica di Ahriman,
eccezione fra stipole cromatofore

books and publications

WYSIWIG (What You See Is What I Got)
Ed. Lulu.com - 80pp - ISBN 9781447669807
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Fotogrammi | Ideas Depictions
di Enrico Santus Aversano & Anna utopia Giordano
2011 Ed. Siska - ISBN 9788897642046
with photos by Milo Alterio, Lorenzo Brusadelli, Francesca Cao, Daniele Carfora, Paolo Liggeri, Alessandro d'Onofrio,Vincenzo Pagliuca, Nicola Serra, Un Artista Minimalista, Marco Ventimiglia. Music by Un Artista Minimalista
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Mentre un'altra pagina si volta
Poetry Collection - Various Authors
2010 Ed. Giulio Perrone Editore - ISBN  9788863161991
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Frammenti Ossei
a cura di Ivan Pozzoni, Poetry Collection - Various Authors
2011 Ed. Limina Mentis - ISBN  9788895881362
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